FooTube A Foo Fighters Tribute

FooTube is a Foo Fighters tribute band from the Greater Sacramento area who entertain at an incredibly high performance level. It is as close to a Foo Fighters live concert as you can experience from a tribute band. FooTube’s sound and performance is unrivaled from any live band that you will encounter anywhere. Consisting of two members hailing from the east coast and two members representing the west coast making this an undeniable coast to coast ass kicking band. The bandmates share a single vision of performing Foo Fighters music. Their dedication and talent to execute music with great precision and passion led them to this incredible collaboration. Each member bring a unique element to the project. FooTube will undoubtedly fill any venue with the energy and sound of a Foo Fighters show. Combined the four members have many years of performing throughout the country. FooTube is excited and ready to bring the finest Foo Fighters’ entertainment to Northern California venues and beyond.

Band Members

Shawn McConnell (Dave Grohl) 

I’ve been playing guitar since the 8th grade and started singing and playing around the age of 30. There was a time I could not sing and play guitar at the same time to save my life! Over the years I’ve become a huge Foo Fighters fan so one day I decided its time to start a Foo Fighters tribute band but didn’t think it would come together so quickly! I play with the most dedicated professionals who are also big Foo Fans! I’m a SoCal transplant and have spent 14 years in Kona, Hawaii to which I had an original band for about 10yrs. 

I love music and I love this Foo Fighters Tribute band! FooTube!


Scotty Fretz  (Chris Shiflett)

Guitarist - Songwriter- Producer - Vocalist: Growing up in Upstate New York, Scott lived in a household full of diverse musical inspirations. His father studied and performed classical music, and played several instruments including violin, piano, saxophone, and was hailed as an accordion prodigy that had played live on the radio by the age of 5 years old, later becoming a highly sought out baritone vocalist. Scott’s mother was also a gifted pianist and was an outstanding singer as well and loved melodic rock, jazz, and disco. Scott’s earliest memories musically were albums from The Beatles, ABBA, Fleetwood Mac, Electric Light Orchestra and other popular 70’s music of that time from his turntable. As a musician himself, Scott took guitar lessons at the age of twelve. Scott always had a passion for performing and listening to music, and that passion for playing the guitar fully emerged when he was twenty. Scott would find himself working tirelessly learning riffs and songs from his guitar playing hero’s like Matthias Jabs, Ace Frehley, Eddie Van Halen, Jake E. Lee, Michael Schenker, Steve Vai, and later from the likes of John Petrucci, Lindsey Buckingham, Paul Gilbert, and many others. From that point forward, Scott has dedicated years on developing a smooth, contemporary, dynamic style in which he plays, that combines mass appeal songwriting coupled with tasteful and emotionally charged solos. Scott has performed for over 30 years in many different projects and bands, but is now showcasing his exciting guitar playing abilities in FooTube, a tribute to the Foo Fighters.

Glen Evans (Nate Mendel) 

 My love for music began at a very early age in upstate New York when my parents inherited an old upright piano and I began taking lessons. As I grew older, I gravitated toward guitar driven music so I decided I wanted to learn how to play guitar. Since then I have been playing rhythm and bass guitar focusing on original music enjoying the writing and collaborating process to create new material. My preferences and influences come from many forms of rock, metal, progressive, alternative and punk. The Foo Fighters have been my favorite band since their inception. It has always been a dream of mine and an honor to be in a Foo Fighters tribute band and perform their music.

DRUMMER Dave (Taylor Hawkins)

Dave has played for many years in various projects and within several genres. Originally from SoCal, Dave brings an large element of old school thrash metal coupled with progressive rock speed and precision that makes him a great fit for FooTube. Being a musician that has formal training, Dave performs with flawless effort and accuracy that carries the signature driving beats along with the off timed beats that are so prevalent  in Foo Fighters music.


Band Gear



Shawn McConnell:

  • Les Paul Replica 
  • Guild DeArmond M75T ‘79 
  • Orange AD30TC 
  • Boss Chromatic Tuner 
  • Line6 Wireless

Scotty Fretz:

  • 2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard  
  • Ernie Ball Music Man JP6 
  • Epiphone Les Paul Standard - Joe Bonamassa Model 
  • Epiphone Les Paul Standard 
  • Taylor 514CE Electric/Acoustic Guitar 
  • Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 Head 
  • Carvin Legacy 3 Head 
  • Carvin V3MC combo amp 
  • Orange 35DFX combo amp 
  • Carvin Legacy 2X12 Speaker Cabinet 
  • Pedals: Eventide & Dunlop effects, Suhr, Wampler, Xotic, & Ibanez Overdrives, BBE Sonic Maximizer, Tech 21 RK5 Fly Rig

Glen Evans:

  • Ibanez SR 300 bass guitar  
  • Gallien Krueger 1001 RB bass head  
  • Gallien Krueger NEO 412 bass cabinet  
  • Shure SM58A beta microphone

Drummer Dave:

  •  DW Drums
  • Zildjian K Cymbals 
  • Other cool stuff


Previous events


FOOTUBE @ Swabbies On The River

Swabbies , 5871 Garden Highway, Sacramento, CA

FooTube performs for the first time at Swabbies On The River from 3pm-7pm

Malt & Mash Irish Pub St. Patrick's Day Block Plary

Malt & Mash Irish Pub, 715 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814

St Patrick's Day is coming soon and we're excited to performing before the legendary JIMMY BUFFET concert! Be sure to make plans to come down to Malt and Mash where they will be throwing a 2 day outdoor block party!

Details: Saturday: Jimmy Buffet party starting at 5pm with music by Eagles tribute band "LIFE IN THE FAST LANE", with opening set by Madison Hudson.

Sunday: St Patricks Day, we have cover band Cheeseballs, and No Doubt tribute band, Gwen in Doubt, with FooTube opening! Starting at 1pm $10 cover Follow them on Instagram @maltandmash for free ticket giveaways


Boozefighters Motorcycle Club , Sacramento

More information to come.

Contact & Booking 

Facebook: @FooTubeBand



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